About Gullivers Farm Shop

The History

Gullivers Farm was home to a famous Smuggler called Isaac Gulliver (1745-1822) was an English smuggler based on the South Coast. Gulliver transported gin, silk, lace and tea from the Continent to Poole Bay and came to control the coast from Lymington on The Solent in Hampshire, through Dorset to Torbay in Devon. He was known as "King of the Dorset Smugglers".

The Shop

Gullivers Farm Shop, part of the Sturts Community Trust, has regenerated the oldest building in West Moors (1789) to help provide meaningful activities and work opportunities for adults who have a learning disability or other support needs. We sell a range of products including Sturts Farm produce, from fresh fruit and vegetables grown on our Organic/Biodynamic farm.

The Deli you will find delicious cooked meats, local cheeses, cakes and other treats including amazing Scotch Eggs! Where possible we source our produce from local supplies, so many of our producers are from Dorset and Hampshire! keeping it fresh - keeping it local!

The Farm

We have a 90 acre farm which is a Biodynamic Farm, what is BIODYNAMIC FARMING I hear you say??

Often described as ORGANIC PLUS. Biodynamic farming aims to produce the most delicious, health-full and nutritious foods possible for everyone - and to do this in ways that not only protect and safeguard the environment and our precious natural resources, but which regenerate our soils and lands. It’s a farming system where the health and vitality of soils, plants, animals, people and our earth is paramount; and where developing the potential of the farm rather than maximizing output is the goal.

We pride ourselves in Biodynamic Farming and our Grass-Fed meat! Studies have shown that Grass-Fed meat has more omega-3’s and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA – Studies have shown that very small amounts of CLA have blocked all three stages of cancer). Just 80 days of grain feeding was enough to destroy the omega-3 content of the beef. CLA content plummeted in the same amount of time. The longer the animals were fed grains, the lower the quality of the meat. The omega-3 quantity in grain-fed meat was so low, it didn’t qualify as a meaningful dietary source.

Some Images of Sturts Farm