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The perfect way to use up the last of your BakeHouse 24 Sourdough Loaves and any ripe bananas at the end of the week- our recipe puts a Gullivers twist on a traditional favourite! We made ours using our own Peanut Butter, BakeHouse 24 Sourdough, Meggy Moo’s Unhomogenised Whole Milk and our Farm’s fresh biodynamic Eggs!

You will need:

. A Loaf of Bread (sliced)
. Butter
. 500ml of Milk
. 100ml of Double Cream
. 4-5 Table Spoons of Sugar
. 6 Eggs (beaten)
. Peanut butter (around half a jar)
. 4 Ripe Bananas
. 1 Medium Sized Baking Tin (buttered)

Step 1 Pre heat your oven to 180c . In a jug or bowl, mix your Milk, Cream, Eggs and 4 Tables Spoons of Sugar.
Step 2 Prepare your bananas- peel each one, then use a fork to gently squash them until you have a chunky banana paste to work with.
Step 3 Prepare your bread by buttering each piece on one side and cutting them in half (we find this works best when cut diagonally).
Step 4 Next spread a layer of peanut butter and then a spoonful of banana mix onto each slice of buttered bread.
Step 5 Start to layer your tin! Starting at the back of the tin, work forwards layering your bread as you go. Around a quarter of each slice should be visible above the one in front.
Step 6 Once your tin if full, pour over your milk/ cream/ egg mixture, making sure to evenly distribute the liquid. Dust with the remaining sugar (this will make the top go lovely and brown!). For an extra treat- scatter some chocolate pieces on the top too!
Step 7 Bake for 30-40 minutes, checking regularly.  We like ours served best with some yummy Purbeck Vanilla Ice cream!


We’d love to see your pictures if you are inspired to re-create this recipe, take us @gulliversfarmshop on Instagram or Gullivers Farm Shop on Facebook!

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